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Identity Secures Transactions in a
Globally Connected World


Security and Payments Market Trends

Half a billion records compromised in 2015 data breaches
- Symantec

Securing Identity
In A Mobile World

With global electronic payments at all time high, cash still 80% of consumer spending in many developing countries
- EuroMonitor

1.1 + billion banking customers to use mobile biometrics for account security by 2020
- Goode Intelligence

2.5 billion adults, 38% of global adult population are 'unbanked'
- World Bank

Driving Financial Inclusion
In Developing Countries


Trusted, Easy to Use, Real-Time Identity and Electronic Transaction Solutions

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Identity Solutions

Use our real-time identity management solutions for authenticating digital and physical transactions and our biometric services to verify and manage identities of citizens, employees and customers.

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Digital Processing Solutions

Leverage our digital processing platform and modular mobile ecosystem to facilitate new business models

Case Studies

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Biometric Identity Management
United States Transport Workers

Since 2007 Ipsidy has helped the US Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA secure the US maritime and aviation ports by providing a biometric identity management system.

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Voter Identification

Ipsidy provides best-in-class Identity and Voter Registry Validation Services for Presidential Elections in Zambia to achieve its mission of "One Citizen, One Vote".

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Unattended Ticketing Kiosks

Bogota, Colombia based TransMilenio is one of the world's largest bus transit providers. Ipisdy has helped to enhance and extend their electronic ticketing and fare collection network.

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