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Verify, Authenticate, Authorize and Audit in a Single Transaction

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Biometric, Multi-Factor Authentication

Registered Smartphone
Something Owned
Something Known
Something Inherited
Dynamic Digital Signature
Something Created


Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

Supports Multiple Modalities Facial, Iris, Finger, Voice Cloud Based High Speed Matching Liveness Detection for Face IOS and Android Device Support

Authentication thru Push Notifications - Seeking rightful users consent

Use the power of biometrics and our digital signature to establish certainty for everyday transactions.

Digital Signature

A Seal of Approval On Every Transaction

Dynamic Digital Signature provides additional security by verifying data elements unique to each transaction to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

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Virtual Access

Provide out of band biometric multi-factor authentication to protect access to online accounts and backend systems.

Physical Access

Embed out of band biometric multi-factor authentication into physical access control and deliver frictionless convenience to your customers.

Transaction Authorization

Utilize the power of a single transaction to authorize any event using biometric multi-factor authentication and create a digitally signed audit record as evidence.

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