Ipsidy Free Sign-In Sheet Template

A sign-in sheet is a form used for taking attendance of visitors at a specific location. It allows organizations and businesses to keep track of the exact time a visitor signs in to an event or place, and when they sign out. These sheets may also be used for soliciting feedback from visitors to enhance operations, as well as improving customer service.

Sheet Use Case Examples:

  • Seminars
  • Schools
  • Doctors Office
  • Volunteers
  • Meetings
  • Employees
  • Special Events

We’ve created a standard sign-in sheet template for you to download and print, saving you time from having to create one yourself. The great thing about this sign-up template is that you can easily edit it once downloaded. Giving you the option to add or remove certain headings, so that the sheet makes sense for your current needs.

How to Use the Sign-In Sheet


1. Download Template

Start by downloading the standard sign-in sheet template in your desired format. We have downloadable options in WordExcelPDF, and ODT.


2. Fill Out Sheet Information

After the sheet is downloaded, you can either enter the initial details (Date & Name of the function this sign-in sheet will be used for) then print it off, or have it printed as is, then fill out the details using a pen or pencil.

3. Placement of Sheet

Once your sheet is printed, be sure to have it placed in an area that’s visible and easily accessible by your visitors; making sure all visitors fill out the form correctly.


4. Visitor Sign-In

When the visitor first arrives, have them fill out the first three (3) columns of the sign-in sheet. They’ll need to print their name, include any comments, and enter the time that they signed in.

5. Visitor Sign-Out

Before each visitor leaves, make sure they finish filling out the form by writing down the time they are leaving in the TIME-OUT column, and then signing their initials for validity purposes.


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