What To Look For In A Visitor Logger

Features To Look For In A Visitor Logger

There MUST be a better way.  Simple words that have transformed business processes for decades; and an obvious motto of the digital transformation that we’re in for the long haul. As organizations move systems to the cloud, automate all sorts of operational processes, and increase their online offerings of customer conveniences, many seek a better way to manage their front doors. Actually, all of their doors: north, south, east, and west.
Securing doors is challenging. There’s more to it than meets the eye. It requires a delicate balancing act of customer service, operations, and security. All add up to overall customer experience, and all are equally important to businesses and the folks who visit them. Using paper badges and waiting in long lines to check in at the desk are fast-becoming outdated practices that don’t provide the level of security, accuracy or convenience that we’ve come to expect.
Digital visitor logger systems ensure that your facility remains secure and organized while decreasing friction at entrances, reception desks, waiting rooms, and lobbies. They allow for faster entry and exit; keep track of who exactly is entering and exiting; and ensure that visitors are who they say they are. The best of these systems deliver unmatched convenience to guests and the people who welcome them. Results of a 2017 Visitor Management Software research survey indicate that 82% of respondents have experienced increased operational efficiency after adoption of a visitor management system.
Ready to greet your visitors with a change?
Below we’ve summarized some of the most important features that you should look for when evaluating a digital visitor logger system for your organization:
  • Pre-Register Visitors: Before your visitors even arrive at your facility, they’ll be registered and welcomed with information about their visit. This saves time and effort when they arrive and allows for a seamless experience for all parties involved.
  • Scalable & Customizable Software: Visitor logger systems should be customizable. To best meet the requirements and individual needs of your business, look for a VMS that optionally allows for integration with existing business systems and security infrastructure. Additionally, scalability is an important factor for any future modifications that may occur.  You should be able to add entrances, locations, employees, and register visitors, clients, and residents with ease.
  • Biometrics: Biometrics add an additional and more secure layer of certainty to the mix, ensuring that the people entering your facility are who they say they are. A visitor management system with biometrics, like Access by Ipsidy, allows you to identify your guests as soon as they enter the perimeter and perhaps even before they enter the building.
  • Digital Visitor Passes: Rather than having to print out paper visitor badges, write names on a slip of paper, fill out a sign-in sheet, or use wristbands, your visitors can pull up a digital visitor pass on their smartphone that they receive via email or download to their phone’s wallet.
  • Keep out unwanted visitors: Systems should have the ability to recognize any potential “black-listed” visitors to prevent them from entering the premises and protect your employees, your information, and your organization.
  • Record and report time and attendance and other relevant information: If time and attendance tracking is important to you, look and ask for reporting modules that allow you to track arrival and departures of regular employees, residents, and registered visitors. Additionally, look for systems that allow you to record relevant information about anyone who enters your building like name, company, contact information, who they’re meeting with, when their meeting is over, contact preferences, and more. The best systems will let you define a member profile page that makes sense for your industry and niche.
Need more convincing? (or need some help convincing your execs?)
Below we’ve curated some exciting stats that prove impact of digital visitor management systems:
  • Invaluable Data Insights: According to the 2017 survey, 84% of respondents claim that the switch to a digital visitor management system has resulted in invaluable data insights. Knowing with certainty who is entering and exiting your facility allows for the prevention or recording of any possible theft or crime and allows companies to better understand their guests or identify a pattern of behavior. Additionally, as many companies have multiple offices across the globe, being able to access data from anywhere at any time for auditing purposes or simply recording purposes is highly beneficial.
  • Safety: In today’s world, feeling safe in an environment is an important aspect of any experience. By using a digital visitor management system, you know who you are allowing within your defined perimeter. With the bonus of a biometric visitor logger system, you know the person is who they say they are. 82% of the 2017 survey respondents say their digital visitor management system has created a safer work environment.
  • Brand Image: You want visitors at your facility to have a good experience from the moment they set foot in the door. Forget long wait times in the lobby! When greeted by a visitor management system, 53% of survey respondents said that they were impressed by and enjoyed their experience. You can increase your brand equity and recognition with something as simple and easy as a digital visitor management system.
Access by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the-box, biometric visitor management system that authenticates the identities of people moving in and out of any defined area, building, campus or even border. Join the digital visitor revolution! Contact our team if you’d like to add digital visitor management software to your 2019 business plan here.