Verify the Identity Of Your Customers With Enhanced Certainty,

Less Friction & Greater Efficiency

Biometric Identity & Transaction Verification Can Enhance Customer Support

Know with certainty your customer is who they say they are, whether on the phone, chatting online, or even in-person. Increase agent productivity and reduce the time it takes to verify and service customers.

No integration is needed. Your agents simply login to the Identity Portal and in seconds send identity verification requests to the caller’s mobile phone. The customer quickly captures a selfie to seamlessly authenticate their identity and authorize account changes and business transactions before they occur.

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Optimize Your Call Center Processes

Gain biometric certainty for both caller identification and business transactions.

Verify customers’ identities in seconds. Save time and enhance accuracy and security.

Increase call center agent productivity and reduce friction with your customers.

Improve customer service. Eliminate the need to mail in additional identity documentation.

Perfect For Verifying:

Caller and Online Chat Identity
Account Changes
Address Changes
Funds and Wire Transfers
Business-to-Business Transactions
Card-Not-Present Purchases
Outbound Marketing & Servicing

Learn How Xpressa Enhanced Their Call Center Productivity

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“I was impressed with how quickly Verified was implemented. Verified helped us to reduce the amount of time spent on the call and improve our customer experience.”

Preyen Singh, Operations Manager for Xpressa

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