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Voter Identification – Zambia Electoral Commission

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In 2005 the Zambia Electoral Commission along with the United Nations Development Program and other human rights organizations sought to achieve an objective of “One Citizen – One Vote” for the country’s first fully democratic Presidential election. Between 5.5 and 6 million voters from 72 electoral districts were registered on paper with only an inked impression of the right thumb. Zambia needed a solution that would accurately confirm the identities of its citizens and ensure that duplicate registrations did not occur.



In support of the Zambian 2005 presidential elections, Ipsidy delivered IDSearch, our proprietary, identity management service that includes Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment, Fingerprint Matching and Fingerprint Deduplication services. We also provided custom software development to integrate our AFIS with a third-party Voter Results system and full integration with the Zambia Electoral Commission's infrastructure. ID Search captured over 6 million voter fingerprint images and registration records and produced highly accurate AFIS templates. Fingerprint match processing and deduplication of over 500 billion records was completed within 90 days. The 2005 effort was so successful that we have been chosen by the Zambia Electoral Commission for every presidential election since 2005.



Clean, de-duplicated Voter Registry

Voter fraud stopped

Objective of "One Citizen - One Vote" met