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Unattended Bus Ticketing Kiosks - Bogota

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Since its launch in 2000, TransMilenio, the bus system serving Bogota the capital of Colombia, has grown to be one of the world's largest bus rapid transit system. Through Recaudo Bogota SAS, TransMilenio’s collection company, a TuLlave smartcard ticket provides access to 12 bus lines, covering more than 113 kilometers. From 2005 to 2015, TransMilenio saw over 84% growth in daily ridership, growing from 1.25 million to 2.3 million daily customers. Long ticketing queues at high-demand locations created delays, and under-staffed, remote bus depots often frustrated customers. In addition, many riders could manage to purchase only a daily ride, creating increased strains on the company’s ticketing agents and information systems.



Ipsidy delivered PaySpot™ Kiosks offering secure and convenient unattended cash lock box services, distribution of new TuLlave cards as well as card value top-ups. Kiosks were deployed to both high-demand bus stations and remote depots that did not previously support round-the- clock ticket agents. MultiPay, our multifunctional payment gateway, provides Recaudo Bogota with real-time accounting, reconciliation and management reporting services for cash received and recording of fare value added to TuLlave cards. Recaudo Bogota and Ipsidy are also exploring solutions to allow riders electronically add value to their TuLlave card from an electronic payment wallet, as well as providing enhanced security solutions on card usage, if the card is ever lost or stolen.



Reduced ticketing queues

Expanded ticketing outlets

Lower TransMilenio and Recaudo Bogota operating costs

Increased rider satisfaction