Mobile Payments Platform

Deliver secure multi-functional payment services for today’s global and mobile world with a unified, digital issuing and acquiring platform.

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Digital Issuance, Mobile Payments, and Customer Loyalty all from the same Platform

Transact supports networks of trusted agents, merchants and consumers who can accept and perform transactions using closed-loop payment cards online, in-store, and in-app. Consumers enjoy the convenience of storing digital payment cards in their trusted mobile wallet and merchants gain a secure, low-cost mobile point of sale for accepting the Ipsidy closed loop payment cards.

Digital Issuance

Robust financial accounting and card program management in any currency; HCE & Tokenization support offers enhanced security

Mobile Wallet

Offer consumers the convenience of storing a virtual payment card, secured by IdLok, our multi-factor authentication service

Acquiring Gateway

Securely routes transactions to our Digital Issuance platform for ‘on-us’ authorization & payment processing

Mobile POS

Quicken merchant adoption by offering easy acceptance of the Ipsidy wallet and closed-loop payment cards by Near Field Communications (NFC) and QR Code Reader

Web Portal

Unified, online reporting portal is available in any language and supports high levels of customer service


Customize personalized cards-based loyalty programs to target your best customers while lowering overall program costs

Mobile Commerce

Increase customer spending when you deliver immediate fulfillment through our mobile commerce shopping cart integrated with our Mobile Wallet

Beacon Marketing

Create and manage promotional campaigns and advertising that is sent directly to our Mobile Wallet when it comes in range of Bluetooth proximity beacons.

Benefits of a Mobile
Payments Platform

Quickly deploy new mobile wallet and virtual-card or physical card payment products, establish new revenue streams and expand geographic reach cost-effectively. Increase revenue and gain valuable marketing insights using our Loyalty and Beacon Marketing modules. Strengthen consumer engagement to make your card product “top of app” with Transact.

Payments Authorization Anywhere

Transact can be applied and modified to fit your business operations.

Mobile Suppliers, Merchants and Consumers

Mobile Top-Up
and Bill-Pay

Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer & Cashless Payments

Cash-Out via Kiosks/ATMs with Biometric Authentication

Loyalty and
Mobile Shopping

Closed Payment Network Accessible to Open Network Authorizations

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