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Biometric Identification with Scale

Integrate to our high-speed fingerprint matching solution for enhanced security.

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Scalable biometric enrollment and matching capabilities

Proprietary image processing and tier 1 fingerprint algorithms

Robust biometric template generation with information such as minutia position, type, core and delta position

Multi-modal capability for other biometric modalities, e.g. facial and iris

Wide range of biometric backend search modes, including: 1:1, 1:Few, and 1:N

API documentation and developer support for third party integration

Simple plug and play integration of third-party biometric capture devices

Use Cases

Biometric Identity, U.S Government

The US Department of Homeland Security has deployed IdSearch since 2007 to support the issuance of the US Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) to 4.5 million DHS employees. IdSearch has bolstered the integrity of the TSA background checks and security threat assessments and enhanced security of our nation’s ports and transportation facilities.

Biometric Identity, Elections

The Zambian Electoral Commission has selected IdSearch for every national election since 2005. For these elections, IdSearch captured over 6 million voter fingerprint images and registration records and produced highly accurate AFIS templates. Fingerprint match processing and deduplication of over 500 billion records was completed. Other African nations that have selected IdSearch include Ghana, Swaziland and Guinea.

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