Easily Secure Valued
Financial Transactions

Mobile Authentication Deters Identity Fraud in Money Transfers

Know it’s really your customer requesting an online funds transfer when they authenticate identity and provide consent using Ipsidy’s mobile, facial-biometric multi-factor authentication solution. With the ease of a quick selfie-capture, identity fraud can be stopped for any valued financial transaction.

Extend the value of a “Proofed” identity to thwart spoofing attempts. Replace outdated SMS entry codes and two-factor authentication with the simplicity of a mobile selfie. Drive increased assurance across the customer engagement and gain a biometric audit trail that reduces risk.

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Know with Certainty When Your Customers Transact

Confirm consent and build secure, multi-factor authentication into every valued transaction.

Reduce identity theft with automated, AI- liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation.

Gain a biometric audit trail for every valued transaction.

Increase mutual trust and safeguard business operations.

Perfect For Securing Financial Transactions

  • Online Banking Transfers
  • Wire-Transfers
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • International Money Transfers
  • Stock Trades and Account Transfers
  • Non-Banking Money Send Programs
  • Mobile App/Investment/Gaming Funding

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