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Our Mission

What is Ipsidy?[ ip-si-dē; ]

From the Latin word 'Ipse' meaning Selfhood, individual identity

Identity is the key to securing physical and digital transactions in a globally connected and mobile world…


Our Mission

Identity is at the core of Ipsidy's mission. Ipsidy aims to be at the forefront of developing new technologies and services to secure physical and digital transactions. As a provider of secure, biometric identity management and electronic transaction processing services., Ipsidy provides its services to governments and commercial enterprises seeking to verify and manage identities of citizens, employees and customers, including issuing identity cards, exercising rights such as voting in elections and authorizing access to physical or digital environments. We also operate an electronic transaction-processing platform that offers secure multifunctional payment services to merchants, universities, and public and financial institutions.

Two market trends excite the Ipsidy team. Today's increasingly global and mobile world drives convenience, but it also drives escalating risks of compromised passwords, security breaches and stolen identities. And while a healthy growth rate of electronic payments has spurred on the digital economy in developed economies, this growth has been uneven so that over 80% of payments are still conducted in cash in many developing countries1.  Thus the demand for secure, alternative payment methods servicing the unbanked is a critical engine to fostering secure, digital and mobile commerce, globally.

As the cyber security and electronic transaction industries continue to evolve, Ipsidy looks to be a leader in offering identity and transaction services platform for various markets. These markets include border and enterprise security, public safety, online marketplaces, banking services and payment transactions. Offering our identity and payment solutions as fully managed services differentiates our business model.  Through this approach, Ipsidy aims to help our customers more quickly and effectively secure their citizens, employees, customers and associated physical and digital transactions, as well as foster a more secure, globally connected world.