Mobile Biometric Identity Verification Anywhere in the World

Stop Identity Fraud in Remote User Onboarding

For years, if your customer or employee provided a name and a government-issued ID, you believed they were who they said they were. Those days are over. Today, when fraudsters sell user information to the highest bidder on the dark web, waves of synthetic identity and familiar fraud drive increased risk to your digital onboarding processes and reduce conversions.

Proof™ by Ipsidy delivers trusted identity verification for remote onboarding of customers or employees anywhere in the world. Ipsidy’s IDaaS platform harnesses mobile technology, anti-spoofing liveness confirmation and biometric matching of a selfie to verified credentials to help you speed up customer conversions and weed out fraudulent identities.

Step up certainty with automatic identity document authentication. Proof offers robust credential validation of 1500+ government IDs and non-chip passports from 200 countries, connections to government registries and US, Canadian or Mexican driver’s licenses authentication. Proof helps establish a rooted trust identity so you can grow your business with the highest level of integrity and assurance—every time.

Seamless Mobile Biometric Identity Verification

Step 1

  • Proof Launched on a Mobile Web Browser
  • Seamless Identity Proofing UX Delivered

Step 2

  • Official ID Scanned
  • ID Photo and Data Extracted

Step 3

  • Quick Selfie Snapped
  • Active Liveness Validated

Step 4

  • Biometric Matching of Selfie to Credential Photo
  • AI-Liveness and Anti-Spoofing Confirmation
  • Automated Identity Document Verification – Trusted Data Sources
  • Seamless, trusted mobile facial biometric verification in ~1 minute

Seamless User Experience

Step 1

  • Proof launched on a Mobile Web Browser
  • Seamless UX delivered

Step 2

  • Official ID scanned
  • ID photo and data extracted

Step 3

  • Quick selfie snapped
  • Active Liveness validated

Step 4

  • Biometric matching of selfie to credential photo
  • AI-liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation
  • Automated document verification – trusted data sources
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Proof Provides Biometric Certainty to
Remote Identity Verification:

  • Identity Verification for Remote Onboarding of New Customers with Digital Trust
  • Streamlined Know Your Customer” (KYC) processes
  • Identity Verification for Mobile Banking Customers
  • Customer Identity Verification for Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer Apps
  • New Employee Identity Verification for Digital Onboarding
  • Driver’s License Authentication
  • Age Verification for Sale of Age-Restricted Product
  • Age Verification for Online Gaming
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Online Identity Proofing with

Speed, Accuracy, Security & Trust

Stop identity fraud with high-speed, accurate mobile facial biometric verification and matching

Strengthen user identity verification with AI liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation

Streamline user onboarding with online identity verification and no in-person meetings

Reduce risk with automated identity document authentication

Offer quick, low-friction identity proofing with a simple selfie and identity document verification

Launch Proof Immediately or Customize Your Remote Identity Verification Solution

  • Jump into mobile facial biometric verification with no-integration and no IT drain with Ipsidy’s Identity Portal
  • Automate remote identity verification by integrating your platform quickly with our IDaaS Platform’s REST API’s
  • Deliver seamless user experiences with our web-browser based mobile facial biometric verification UX
  • Leverage integrated OCR document capture and automated AI-liveness

Easily add identity document verification with trusted data sources:

  • API connections to government registries for remote, Identity verification
  • Credential validation of 1500+ government IDs and non-chip passports from 200 countries
  • Unique algorithms for US, Canadian and Mexican driver’s licenses
  • World-wide Digital Signature and associated trust chain validation and NFC scans of all chip-based passports (e-MRTDs)

Stop Identity Fraud throughout the Customer Engagement

Proof’s accurate identity verification for remote onboarding stops identity fraud during user and customer onboarding. So once a proofed identity is secured…why stop there? Verified by Ipsidy extends the value of a proofed identity to enable passwordless login and reduce fraudulent account takeover. Harness Verified’s power of biometric, multi-factor authentication (MFA) protection to reduce risk throughout your enterprise.

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