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Secure, Biometric Identity and Digital Processing Platform, providing real-time identity, security and processing for digital and physical transactions

Identity Transaction Platform

With widespread reports of account data theft, including email addresses, passwords and answers to secret questions, relying on traditional methods to authenticate your customers is outdated.  So, in this new digital age, it’s time to answer a critical question: “How do you know for certain who is on the other side of a digital event, transaction, or call?”

Ipsidy’s Identity Transaction Platform helps financial institutions and payment providers verify and trust that the person on the other side of an electronic transaction is the rightful owner. Ipsidy’s mobile identity application platform, IdComplete®, including IdLok™ and CardLok™, puts your consumers in control of their identities and lets them authorize transactions before, not after, they have been approved.

Our identity platform authenticates users across multiple factors, including:

  • Something Owned – Registered Mobile Device
  • Something You Know – PIN
  • Something You Are – Biometric Data
  • Something Created – Ipsidy’s Proprietary Dynamic Digital Signature

Ipsidy provides additional security layers by verifying identity with an out-of-band confirmation through a channel other than the one used for the transaction. The platform also oers financial institutions web-based portals and comprehensive audit trails to prove that identities on either side were duly verified

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What We Offer: Next Generation Identity Authentication

Ipsidy offers a secure identity verification service that stops account takeovers and fraud in their tracks. Ipsidy provides a fully-managed service, including simple web-service Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for triggering identity verification, and support for Apple and Android mobile applications.

Get started now, and ensure you know who is on the other side of every transaction.

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