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Digital Processing

Secure, Biometric Identity and Digital Processing Platform, providing real-time identity, security and processing for digital and physical transactions

Digital Issuance Platform - Global Capabilities, Single Platform

The Ipsidy Digital Processing platform is designed to support digital processing and card issuing in a multi-national and global business environment. It supports multiple languages, multiple currencies and multi-national customers. We offer issuers the ability to manage all card portfolios from a single platform, with a common cloud-based infrastructure. Our platform also supports multiple payment product types that help our customers create unique payment services based on market demands in specific areas of the world. By leveraging a single platform, our customers enjoy speed to market and lower-costs and operational efficiencies not usually available with other software or third-party processing systems.

Closed & Open Loop Payment Support

The Ipsidy Digital platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution, built using state-of-the-art technologies to meet the requirements of our customers, their merchants and consumers. Ipsidy offers a modular platform that supports open loop and closed loop payments, issuance of magnetic stripe, EMV and NFC contactless cards as well as issuance of virtual payment cards stored in a mobile wallet.

The platform offers a unified, online portal that supports the high levels of customer service essential to successful payments products. Our robust data engine provides a consolidated view of customers and their transactions. It enables issuers to view the complete relationship with individual customers, and makes data readily available for customer segmentation and marketing. Through Restful API’s, the platform can be easily integrated with accounting and banking systems as well as third-party providers, such as cellular top-up services and transit ticketing solutions.