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Secure, Biometric Identity and Electronic Transaction Platforms, providing real-time identity and security for physical and digital transactions


IDCompleteTM offers Security.Identity.DefenseTM to merchants and consumers for every online shopping account, purchase and transaction. In 2015, the US ecommerce marketplace suffered over $6 billion in card-not- present fraud. With the US shift to EMV cards for in-store purchases, these costs are accelerating as fraudsters are quickly shifting their deceptive activity to mobile, Internet and other new payment methods. So do you know who is really shopping in your online store?

IDComplete provides merchants with a fully, managed security application offering virtual checkpoints to verify your customer's identity throughout the online shopping experience, e.g. account logon, password change, payment type updates and purchases. For each event that you define, IDComplete presents a real-time, multi-factor authentication request to your customer's registered mobile phone with data elements unique to that event. By offering your customers a trusted, mobile application to verify account access, account changes and purchases, IDComplete ensures you know who is shopping in your store, reduces account takeover and enhances the security of card-not- present, mobile and digital token transactions.

IDComplete Features

  • Multi-Factor, Out-of- Band Authentication
    • Something Owned–Registered Apple or Android Smartphone
    • Something Known–Unique PIN
    • Something Created – Dynamic Digital Signature, created by IDComplete and the merchant with unique data elements per transaction
  • Digital Signature and Advanced Encryption Standard prevents Man-In-The Middle and Replay Attacks
  • Consumer and Merchant Defined Account Controls
  • Verification of All Payment Types Across Open, Closed and Loyalty Networks
  • Fully Managed Service including
    • Mobile Customer Enrollment and Provisioning
    • Trusted, Apple/Android Mobile Applications
    • Merchant Web-Service API’s for easy integration

Consumer Benefits

  • Trusted, secure application protects their digital identity
  • Real-time verifications and push notifications confirm account policy changes and transaction activity
  • Out-of-band authentication reduces risk of data theft and fraud

Merchant Benefits

  • Secures and defends your customer's identity
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Enhances e-Commerce fraud mitigation
  • Reduces chargebacks and fraud losses

How It Works

IDComplete for Real-Time Customer Identity Verification / Account Access


IDComplete for Real-Time Transaction Authentication & Verification

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