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Mobile Biometric Access Management

Know with certainty who is where and when they arrive or depart.

Access by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the-box, biometric access management solution to authenticate the identities of people moving in and out of any defined area, building, campus or even border.

How Access Works

With no integration required or expensive hardware or kiosks to purchase, Ipsidy delivers our cloud-based identity platform, a suite of mobile access applications and wireless beacon technology to provide, secure and low-cost access management. Deployed at physical access points, Access by Ipsidy BLE beacons remotely trigger biometric authentication events for residents, employees, visitors, or travelers. Shipped pre-configured, and with a multi-year battery life, define your perimeter in minutes.

Ipsidy's Biometric Mobile App

Access offers facial biometric authentication from the convenience of the user’s own smartphone. Replace keycards that can be easily lost, stolen, or shared, with the smartphone in your pocket. Upon approaching a beacon, the Ipsidy app displays a push notification prompting the user for biometric authentication. Utilizing the latest in facial biometrics and liveness detection technology, just smile, blink, and snap a selfie to complete the authentication process. Access offers an optional “Digital Visitor Pass” that streamlines visitor management and authentication on arrival. Hosts receive convenient notices in their own app upon visitor arrival.

Concierge Monitoring with a Tablet

Display a real-time view of people movement, and their identity status, with an off-the-shelf tablet and the Ipsidy Concierge app. Verify visitors without smartphones, create guest passes on the fly, and perform exception processing as needed. Access also offers a full-service web-portal, where you can view and manage your data, export reports, and track activity across multiple locations. Access lets you know with certainty who is where and when they arrive or depart.

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