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Mobile, Biometric, Access Management

Know with certainty who is where and when they arrive or depart.

Access by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the-box, biometric identity access solution to authenticate the identities of people moving in and out of any defined area, building, campus or even border.

Digital Identity and Access Control Reimagined

Access leverages facial biometrics from the convenience of the user’s own smartphone. Low-cost, Bluetooth beacons, deployed at physical access points, trigger biometric authentication of residents, visitors or travelers. With no integration required or expensive hardware or kiosks to purchase, Ipsidy delivers our cloud-based identity platform, a suite of mobile access applications and wireless beacon technology to provide secure and low-cost access management.

Mobile Visitor Pass Management

Access offers an optional “Digital Visitor Pass” that standardizes visitor pass issuance and streamlines visitor authentication on arrival. From the convenience of their Ipsidy mobile application, a building ‘host’ (authorized resident or employee) securely issues a digital Ipsidy Visitor pass for a specified access point, date, time and duration. Using the Ipsidy mobile app, the visitor accepts the pass and self-confirms their identity by a simple snap of their ‘selfie’. Upon visitor arrival, the host receives a convenient notice directly in their Ipsidy app.

Concierge: Real-time Access Monitoring

For your facility attendants, Access offers “Concierge” a mobile tablet application that monitors real-time displays of people movement and their identity status. Attendants can use Concierge to re-verify a visitor’s identity, elevate their authentication credentials, and perform exception processing, as needed.

Management Portal

Access by Ipsidy offers a full-service web-portal, with multi-level administrative roles. Site administrators can view and manage their site data or campus administrators can view activity across multiple sites. Convenient tools allow administrators to self-configure perimeter areas and define custom groupings of site access points, residents, employees and visitors. You can even track employee attendance by reviewing portal access logs. Access by Ipsidy lets you know with certainty who is where and when they arrive or depart.

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