IdLok Visitor Pass

Biometric, Multi-Factor Authentication

Quickly Deploy our Mobile Visitor Identity Solution

With heightened concerns about facility security, buildings and companies need secure, efficient and low-cost visitor access management solutions.

Digital Visitor Identity Pass

Our IdLok Visitor Pass mobile application solution provides biometric authentication of visitors from the convenience of the tenant’s and visitor’s smartphones. Authorized building tenants and users use the IdLok mobile application to securely issue an IdLok Visitor pass that is scheduled for a specific date and time. Low-cost, Bluetooth beacons are deployed at physical points of entry to trigger biometric authentication of arriving visitors. Visitors self-confirm their authorized arrival by a simple snap of their ‘selfie’. IdLok Visitor Pass enhances Visitor authentication and eases traffic flow at crowded entries and checkpoints. The solution also provides convenient arrival notices to the building tenant/visitor pass issuer directly in their IdLok mobile app.

Concierge Visitor Management App

The IdLok Visitor Pass solution also includes a Concierge mobile application that your facility attendants and guards can use to monitor a real-time display of visitors and their identification status. The Concierge application also provides an easy tool for an attendant to re-verify a visitor’s identity when needed. With no expensive hardware or kiosks required, Visitor Pass offers you a low-cost and more secure visitor access management solution.

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