Quickly and Securely Onboard New Users

Mobile Identity Proofing Can Enhance User Certainty

Remote mobile identity proofing secures and speeds up your onboarding process. New users quickly capture their identity document and a selfie in the mobile app, from anywhere in the world. Ipsidy matches the selfie against the picture extracted from the identity document and verifies the user is who they say they are.

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Mobile Identity Proofing Enhances
& Secures User Onboarding

Secure and speed up application & enrollment processes.

Remotely check an official ID in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

Stop asking for photocopies that need to be safely stored or destroyed.

Reduce fraud and enrollment of scammed identities.

Ideal For:

Customer enrollment
Student application processes
Employee onboarding
Vendor eligibility verification
Age-verification for sale of age-restricted products and services.

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