Increase Building & Workplace Security, Replace Paper Visitor Logs & Streamline Check-Ins

Enhance Your Lobby With a Digital Visitor Management Solution

Offer visitors an easy lobby check-in experience. Quickly identify customers, members, residents, employees and guests with certainty. Visitors confirm identity and access permissions using a convenient mobile app, an optional QR code, and a quick selfie. Using a simple mobile tablet app, monitor and Identify arrivals by name, and reject any unwelcome visitors with a simple tablet application.

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Upgrade & Streamline Your Visitor Management Process

Monitor, track and log arriving visitors in real-time. Hosts get in-app notices upon visitor arrival.

Know who is in your building.
Quickly identify arrivals & reject unwelcome visitors.

Digital, Paperless, and Portable. Low-cost mobile apps minimize lobby hardware.

Get started in minutes. Configurable to meet your use case and security levels.

Ideal For:

Office Buildings & Workplace Campuses
Residential Complexes
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Assisted Living & Adult Care Centers
Cultural Institutions
Membership Clubs & Gyms
Daycare and Schools

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