Location and Visitor Access Management

Identify anyone approaching a building or perimeter using their mobile phone, a tablet, Bluetooth beacons, and the power of facial biometric technology.

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Biometrically Identify all Visitors to your Building

Access is a low-cost access management solution that is easy to use and install with no integration or expensive hardware required. You define how users gain access to your building whether via QR code or the Ipsidy Mobile App. The level of security is up to you and all methods are monitored in real time on the Ipsidy Concierge App.

QR Code

The guest receives an emailed Visitor Pass with a scannable QR code. Upon site entry, the visitor presents the QR Code to the Ipsidy Concierge tablet, takes a quick selfie and Ipsidy confirms their pass is valid. The Concierge app offers your front desk or security personnel a convenient and low-cost tool for monitoring entry activity.

Ipsidy Mobile App

Users download the Ipsidy mobile app and set up their profile with a quick selfie. When the user enters the site, Bluetooth beacons installed at the entrance send a notification to their smartphone asking them to confirm their identity with another quick selfie. Ipsidy’s biometric identification technology matches the live photo with the stored photo and grants them access to the site.

Concierge App

Your front desk attendants or security guards monitor the flow of people entering and exiting your site and their access permissions in real-time with Ipsidy’s Concierge app. The Concierge can monitor those who have already biometrically authenticated themselves, manually check-in new visitors, verify users without smartphones, and perform exception processing as needed.

Streamline Visitor Management

Key Features

A full-service web-portal, where you can view and manage your data, export reports, and track activity across multiple locations.
Optional Digital Visitor Pass feature that streamlines visitor management and authentication on arrival. Hosts receive mobile alerts when their visitor arrives.
In addition to monitoring those who have already biometrically authenticated themselves, the Concierge tablet allows front desk attendants or security guards to verify visitors without smartphones, create guest passes on the fly, and perform exception processing as needed.

How Will This Visitor and Access Management Solution Benefit My Business.

Enhance security by replacing keycards that can be easily lost, stolen, or shared, with the smartphones we carry everywhere.
Modernize your lobby and instill a strong brand impression in your employees, visitors, residents, etc.
Provide easy enrollment and set up while creating trusted identity authentication.
Streamline visitor management by allowing for faster entry and exit at reception areas.

Access Management Wherever You Need It

Access is scalable and can be modified to fit your preferred use case.

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Get started immediately using our convenient mobile apps or integrate with our APIs and SDKs.

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