Time & Attendance with Geolocation

Track employee time and attendance using biometrics – no matter where they are.

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Biometric Time & Attendance with Geolocation

Create accurate, biometric timekeeping records and manage workforce attendance across the globe.

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Keep Track of Your Team Wherever They Are

A Simple Mobile, biometric attendance app with geolocation.

Easily identify and manage your team across multiple worksites and geographic locations. Employees use a convenient mobile app to track when they’re on the clock or on location. When they check in or out, employees confirm their identity by taking a biometric selfie.  The date, time and geolocation are automatically recorded. Trust and accuracy are built in.

There’s no need for expensive time clocks so it’s ideal for a mobile, global workforce.

It’s perfect for:

  • All types of work-schedules:
    Shift work, regular and rotating
  • Employees who travel or provide regional coverage
  • Repair Technicians and Service Providers
  • Home Health Care Providers
  • Freelancers, Contract-Workers and Consultants
  • Security Professionals
  • On-call Employees
  • Facilities Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Manage Workforce Attendance with Biometric Certainty

Supports any type of work schedule.

Supports multiple languages.

Prevent falsified time & attendance records.

Stop using paper and spreadsheets to track hours.

Collect accurate data for attendance reporting.

Rapidly Transform the Way You Manage Your Team

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Employee enrollment is fast and simple.  Manage employee enrollment using the Ipsidy Concierge™ mobile app. To create a profile, enter an employee name, ID number and email address.  Employees capture a biometric selfie with liveness detection during enrollment to complete their profile. The facial biometrics captured during enrollment are matched whenever an employee checks in and out of any location.

Looking for a fully customized software experience?

Integrate Ipsidy’s Identity platform into existing business systems using REST APIs.  Transform business operations, build trust, and create fully branded experiences that meet specifications and requirements defined for any business and industry.  Ask us how. 

Even Better Together

Enroll and administer employees with Concierge, a component of Access by Ipsidy, a robust digital visitor management system that transforms the way you manage security at any location or event.

Access by Ipsidy lets you monitor, track and log arriving visitors in real-time at any location you define, indoors or out.  Recognize visitors by name and face, issue digital membership and guest passes, streamline operations at reception and check-in areas, and create secure environments and VIP experiences. Discover more.

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