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The Top 5 Clockify Alternatives

Clockify is a free time tracking software that lets customers track work hours across multiple projects and unlimited users. Clockify’s solution is comprised of a simple time tracker/timesheet mobile app. Besides simply tracking hours worked it also provides time management features and analysis that can help you oversee employees or team members, or even organize your own work efforts.  Features include:

  • Timekeeping: using a timer and timesheet
  • Reporting Dashboard: customizable, sharable reports that can be exported and show a breakdown of what your employees spend time on
  • Team Activity Overview
  • Project Management and Organization

Clockify works on all devices and all data is synced across any device you work on.

Clockify offers a good solution to any time and attendance tracking issues you may be having but for those looking for an alternative we’ve pulled together a list of the best options:


Time by Ipsidy is a secure, biometric time and attendance app with geolocation that allows you to create accurate, biometric timekeeping records of your employees and manage workforce attendance across the globe.

Time allows you to easily identify and manage your team across multiple worksites and geographic locations. Employees use a convenient mobile app to track when they’re on the clock or on location. When they check-in or out, employees confirm their identity by taking a biometric selfie. The date, time, and geolocation are automatically recorded.

It’s easy and inexpensive to implement. Employee enrollment is fast and simple. To create a profile, enter an employee name, ID number, and email address.  Employees capture a biometric selfie with liveness detection during enrollment to complete their profile. The facial biometrics captured during enrollment are matched whenever an employee checks in and out of any location.


TimeCamp is a time tracker that helps you track your tasks and the time you spend on them. This solution offers integration with other tools that add project management organization, accounting, and team project aspects to your time tracking management. Time Camp is used by over 10,000 teams each day and offers the following features:

  • Automatic Time Tracking by the Minute
  • Time Tracking Mobile App
  • Desktop Time Tracking App
  • Project and Team Management Software
  • Attendance Tracker


Toggl tracks productivity by offering automatic, easy time tracking software that helps you analyze the time you spend working and plan better work strategies. Toggl is available on your desktop and mobile phone and everything is synced automatically. They offer different plans to get started including Enterprise, which offers custom plans for large organizations and businesses, Premium, which provides teams with organization tools to organize their projects, and Starter which is a simple time tracking and can be used by individuals or freelancers. Some features of the Toggl solution are:

  • Tracking Reminders
  • Timers
  • App Integrations with 100+ options
  • Reporting, Analytics, and Project Dashboard


Formerly DropTask, Ayoa boasts a world-leading productivity tool that’s only been enhanced with its name change. Ayoa provides the tools you need to deliver work in a timely manner, assign task responsibility to your team, and capture every idea and step in your projects. Ayoa is a task management app that offers a ton of great features:

  • Task Boards for visual organization
  • Colleague collaboration in real-time
  • Progress Percentage bar
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Syncs across multiple devices


Hubstaff provides time tracking software that allows your business to spend less time worrying about tracking hours and more time being productive. This solution is simple and best for growing businesses that need a quick and easy solution. Features of Hubstaff’s software include:

  • Time and GPS Tracking on any device
  • High Level & Detailed Reporting
  • Organized Digital Timesheets
  • Scheduling and Productivity Tracking and Analysis


Tracking work time is difficult because you don’t want to be disrupted or perform clunky old-fashioned processes to do it accurately. The plethora of digital and advanced ways of tracking your employees, team members, or even your own work hours make it easier to do so seamlessly. There are a variety of methods and options out there to secure and maintain operations that may fit your needs.