A Guide to Choosing a Visitor Pass and Access Control Solution

How Does your Business Define a Visitor?

A “visitor” can be defined as anyone who enters your building – including employees who are there every day, contractors and cleaners who are there whenever they need to be, and one-time visitors. Whether you host a few visitors every day or a high volume of visitors every hour, a digital visitor pass solution can offer you and your employees a multitude of benefits.

Why Visitor Management and Access Control Solutions are Important for your Business

When growing your business, you have much more top-of-mind tasks to worry about than how to manage your office lobby. An effective visitor pass solution is necessary but often not a priority for businesses. We’re outlining all the best features to look for in a visitor pass solution, as well as the multitude of benefits such a solution can provide for your business. Depending on the volume of visitors that you accommodate in your lobby, you may want a low-key solution, or you may need a much more comprehensive system to control the flow of people in and out of your building. Maintaining paper visitor logs and making copies of their licenses is outdated and ineffective. Whatever visitor pass solution you deploy, it should be universally easy for all kinds of visitors to use—whether they use it every day or visit one time.

Top Features to Look for in a Visitor Pass Solution

The best visitor pass solutions speed up the process of check in without sacrificing a level of security in return. They should be comprehensive, scalable to fit your very specific needs, and easy for your security guards or receptionists to pick up and learn to use.

Organize Records Digitally

Optimize your visitor records by allowing you to collect and store detailed contact information (email, phone number, photo, etc.), entry and exit time, and any specialty information you may need from your visitors. Eliminate the need for photocopies of forms of personal identification or easy to lose paper badges by performing all check-in processes digitally on a tablet or smartphone.

Streamline Visitor Check In

Make it easy for visitors to check in and out so that they aren’t held up or inconvenienced by outdated, manual processes. Enable hosts (you or your employees) that invite visitors to your building to issue invitations easily and be alerted when their visitor(s) arrives. Capture an image of the person visiting to quickly identify them when needed.

Scale your Security Levels

Allow you to customize security levels depending on your needs. Offer scalability across multiple locations.

Benefits of a Digital Visitor Pass Solution

A visitor pass solution should not add any additional worry or work to your daily task list. It should clear up any backed-up lines in your lobby and make walking into a meeting, an event, seminar etc. seamless for all visitors. A digital visitor pass solution is the next level of visitor management. Whether the solution offers a simple tablet entry page, an emailed QR code, cameras or even biometrics, a digital visitor pass solution can improve the flow of your lobby almost immediately. Some benefits of upgrading your visitor system are:

  • An effective and modern visitor pass solution will let you know who is in your building and enhance the security of your employees. It can keep track of any unwanted guests and let you and your security teams know when not to let someone in.
  • When you use a solution that offers detailed computerized visitor records, you mitigate any potential insurance claims or compliance problems.
  • An effective visitor pass solution will ensure that visitors have a seamless experience that will resonate with them anytime they do business with you in the future. Their very first impression of your business will be positive, and they will see you as a modern, forward-thinking company that embraces new technology.
  • Your front desk employees can make their interactions with your visitors more personal and allow them to be welcomed by name.
  • A scalable system can be customized to meet your needs, and you can set the level of security you want!

Ready to Upgrade your Lobby?

Access™ by Ipsidy is a digital visitor pass solution that streamlines visitor check-in and secures your building. Employees can invite visitors using a mobile app, whenever and from wherever they need. Your visitors receive an emailed digital visitor pass and use nothing more than a QR code, or a convenient mobile app and a quick selfie to check-in with little friction. No need to photocopy IDs or require lengthy sign-ins. Your front desk staff monitors all visitors on a tablet in real time, so they know who is arriving. They can easily welcome guests by name, and more importantly quickly identify and stop any unwanted visitors. Access also offers 24×7 reporting that allows you to track and audit activity by door, by building or even across multiple locations.