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Check an identity in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

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The Highest Level of Integrity and Convenience

With a blink and a smile and a government id, Proof by Ipsidy is an identity proofing solution that allows you to initiate a simple, two-step digital identity check from anywhere in the world. Completed in minutes – travel and paperwork is not required. Proof uses government-issued credentials as the trusted source, combined with real-time biometric certainty and the convenience of mobile technology.

It’s perfect for:

  • ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) Processes
  • New Customer Application and Enrollment
  • New Employee and Student On-boarding
  • Account Opening and Closing
  • Sale of Age-Restricted Product
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How Identity Proofing Can Help Your Business

Speed up application & enrollment processes.

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Digitally check an official ID  in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

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Stop asking for photocopies that need to be safely stored or destroyed.

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Decrease the time it takes to verify an official ID.

Use the Ipsidy app on your mobile phone to process an ID check.

Get Started with Proof Immediately
from the Ipsidy Identity Portal


Transform Operations in a Flash

Your agents simply log in to the Identity Portal and trigger an identity verification request to a new customer or hire using the Ipsidy mobile app on their Apple or Android device. The Proof identity response is returned to the Portal for your review.

  • Reduce IT drain with a cloud-based solution – no software or integration required.
  • Begin verifying customers and applicants immediately, with no complex integration 
  • Simplify employee training with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Get reliable customer support whenever you need it.
Looking for a fully customized Proof experience?

Integrate identity proofing into existing business systems using our RESTful APIs and SDKs. Create fully branded experiences that meet the needs for any business and industry.

Even Better Together

A verified identity obtained from Proof can seamlessly be used across the Ipsidy platform for future biometric, multi-factor authentication (MFA) protection on a variety of account transactions.  Verified by Ipsidy lets you build secure authentication experiences into any customer transaction you can imagine. Discover more. 

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