Reduce Identity Fraud with Mobile,
Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticate identities of employees and customers. Gain consent to any transaction using mobile biometrics.

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Verify Identity of Employees and Customers, Anywhere

Securely manage identity both inside and outside your enterprise with Verified by Ipsidy. Reduce fraud and gain identity certainty of a mobile app logon, online chat, or any digital transaction.


Trigger an identity authentication from your platform or our Identity Portal to the Ipsidy app on a user’s mobile phone. A user swipes right to confirm the request and details specific to the event.


The phone’s camera with liveness detection auto-prompts a user to capture their face with just a blink and a smile.


Ipsidy converts the selfie into a biometric facial template and matches against the user’s reference photo. The transaction is confirmed, and the user’s identity is Verified.

Frictionless Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Key Features

A full-service web-portal, where you can view and manage data, export reports, and send all authentication requests.
Reverse-Verify feature allows customers to request your service providers (whether on the phone or in-person) to verify their identities.
Multi-factor authentication technology allows for multiple levels of security: PIN, password, biometrics, dynamic digital signature, etc.

How will this identity verification solution benefit my business?

With no integration required, reduce the time it takes to verify customers, whether on the phone, chatting online, or even in-person.
Provide customers and employees with a trusted, seamless and secure biometric identification experience, secure corporate transactions, and reduce fraud.
Out-of-the-box solution offers flexibility and allows you to get started immediately. However, Ipsidy's APIs and SDKs allow for optional easy integration to enterprise databases.

Securely Manage Identity Through the Customer Lifecycle

Secure identity beyond the initial KYC customer onboarding experience. Verified offers multi-factor authentication for any follow-on transactions, including seamless logon with face to any website or mobile app. Call center or online chat support can verify customers with a seamless selfie. Account changes, password resets, even wire transfers and stock trades can all be confirmed with Verified. Verified allows you to seamlessly present transaction details, allowing you to receive transaction confirmation and identity certainty.

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Even Better Together

A verified identity obtained from Proof can seamlessly be used across the Ipsidy platform for future biometric, multi-factor authentication (MFA) protection on a variety of account transactions.  Verified by Ipsidy lets you build secure authentication experiences into any customer transaction you can imagine. Discover more. 

Launch Verified Immediately from the Ipsidy Identity Portal.

Your agents simply login to the Ipsidy Identity Portal to send identity and transaction verification requests to customers. Get started immediately with Ipsidy’s Secure Full-Service Biometric Web Portal.

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Quickly integrate with our convenient mobile apps, API’s and SDKs. Visit our developer page to learn how we can help you build your custom Verified solution.

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