Next Generation Caller & Transaction Authentication

Know with certainty who is on the other side of a call or virtual transaction.

Worldwide, more than 50% of customer support is still performed via telephone calls.

Know who is on the other side of the phone, by using our out-of-the-box caller authentication solution. Callers enjoy the trusted and frictionless experience of our trusted IdLok mobile application.

Facial Recognition

Your customer service representatives simply log in to our IdLok Portal, enter the caller’s account number or other details to trigger an IdLok authentication request to the caller’s registered phone. Callers quickly capture their ‘selfie’ in the IdLok mobile application and authenticate their identity using our facial biometric technology.

Secure Transaction Verification

Representatives can also trigger financial or administrative event requests to callers to authorize events using IdLok’s biometric authentication. Our digital signature verifies the specific event details and provides a detailed audit trail of the transaction.

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