Mobile Biometric Authentication

Know with certainty who is on the other side of a call or virtual transaction

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Verified by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the box, mobile biometric identity portal that authenticates a customer’s identity, administrative events, and financial transactions from the convenience of their own smartphone.

Verified Simplifies Caller Identification

Now when you need to confirm the identity of your callers, there is no need to ask them to recall their last transaction, passphrase or other secret that can be forgotten or even stolen. Customer agents simply login to the Ipsidy Identity portal where they trigger an authentication request to the caller’s registered mobile phone.

Frictionless Caller Experience

Callers quickly capture their ‘selfie’ in their trusted Ipsidy mobile application to authenticate their identity. Through the customer’s blink and a smile, Ipsidy validates the live nature of the photo and creates a biometric template stored in our secure platform. Verified offers your customer a consistent and simplified authentication process and puts them in control of their account activity.

Next Generation Caller and Transaction Authentication

Verified also offers solution flexibility to easily authenticate a caller’s identity as well as financial and administrative events such as account changes, transfers, payments and trades. Verified authenticates your customers in an out-of-band channel and across multiple factors. Biometric authentication and our patent-pending Digital Signature strengthens the integrity of identity verification and gives you irrefutable evidence that your customer approved the transaction.

Something Owned
Registered Mobile Device
Something You Know
Something You Are
Biometric Data
Something Created
Dynamic Digital Signature


Verified allows an enterprise to enroll and authenticate customers simply using the Ipsidy portal, without any integration. This offers you a flexible and immediate solution that gets you started right away. Click below to speak to a sales representative or review our pricing model.

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Fully Integrated

If you prefer a more customized authentication solution, our platform includes a simple application programming interface (APIs) and SDK’s for our mobile application. Visit our developer page and learn how we can help you build a more integrated solution.

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