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Get up to speed fast with Ipsidy’s secure Identity Portal.  Simply log in to start using our IDaaS solutions.

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Easily reduce fraud, boost convenience and build trust.

Don’t have the bandwidth for a complicated software integration?

No problem.  Ipsidy’s convenient Identity as a Service web portal allows you to get started immediately with our IDaaS solutions.  Simply log in to send mobile identity verification requests to your customers. Verify the identity of anyone with accuracy and certainty.  Reduce fraud, build trust, and streamline convenient, secure business processes – without any integration.  There’s no software to install or configure.

Provide Trusted Customer Experiences with Ipsidy’s Identity Portal.
  • Simply send an identification trigger to a customer’s smartphone to quickly confirm their identity and obtain their consent.
  • Verify anyone’s identity in seconds using live biometrics or government-issued credentials.
  • Increase convenience and speed-up processing time on important transactions, contracts, account openings, enrollment forms, and more.
  • Get more done over the phone, online, or in-app – at a time that works for your customer.

Tailor the Identity Portal to meet your needs:

  • You decide when a verified identity check is required.
  • Specify the forms of ID that you require.
  • Link each customer record to internal systems.
  • Set up customer groups.
  • Support customers across more than one brand.
  • Prove it’s really you on the other end of an outbound marketing or support call – and protect customers against phone scams & fraud.
  • Send a mobile push notification to customers on each request.
  • Download customer transaction histories for reports, easy dispute resolution, and more.

Everything starts with Identity.

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Minimize risk and expand your service offerings with verified customer identity.

Boost assurance-levels using live biometrics and government-issued credentials.

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Safeguard any transaction and improve accuracy with verified customer consent.

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Save time and increase convenience with mobile technology.

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Collect accurate data digitally, without paper or photocopies.

Learn how Xpressa leveraged Identity Portal and Verified to enhance call center productivity

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Get more done on the phone, online, or in-app.

Ipsidy’s Identity Portal makes it possible. Provide true, omni-channel experiences by offering the same customer services everywhere – over the phone, online, and in-store.  Start using Verified by Ipsidy and Proof immediately from a convenient, secure web portal.

Mobile Identity Proofing

  • Check an official ID in seconds, from anywhere in the world.
  • Requests are sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone.
  • Checks the validity of e-Passports, US Driver’s licenses & Photo ID Cards.
  • Matches photo ID with live biometric selfie.
It’s Perfect For:
  • ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC)
  • Enrolling New Customers, Merchants, Students, Employees, & Members
  • Account Opening and Closing
  • Sale of Age-Restricted Product

Mobile Biometric Identity Requests

  • Identify customers with biometric certainty on the phone, via chat, or in person.
  • Obtain biometric customer consent on account transactions and changes.
  • Requests are sent directly to a customer’s mobile phone.
  • Increase peace of mind by providing a picture of service providers before they arrive at a customer’s home.
  • Launch outbound calling initiatives customers can trust. Prove it’s really you on the other end.
It’s Perfect For:
  • All Customer Support Environments
  • In-Home Service Providers
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling

Looking for a fully integrated software experience?

Create fully branded customer experiences that meet specifications and requirements defined for any business and industry.

Integrate Verified and Proof by Ipsidy into existing business systems and customer applications using our SDKs & REST APIs.

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